Dr. Erika Petersen “first in the region” Intellis SCS

Dr. Petersen in surgery

“The Intellis platform was designed to overcome limitations with current spinal cord stimulation (SCS) systems, such as battery performance, and can power the EvolveSM workflow*, which standardizes guidance and balances high-dose (HD) and low-dose (LD) therapy settings. The Intellis platform can record and track patient activity 24/7 and is managed on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 tablet interface, enabling physicians to address the subjective and personal nature of chronic pain by monitoring progress and making modifications to better suit their patients’ therapy needs.”


The M. Gazi and Dianne C.H. Yaşargil Endowed Lectureship – January 19, 2018

“Vascular Reconstruction in Neurosurgery

Speaker: Takanori Fukushima, M.D., D.M.Sc.
Director, Skull Base Surgery Center
Co-Director, International Neurosurgery Education Foundation
Carolina Neuroscience Institute, PC

Dr.Fukushima founded the Carolina Neuroscience Institute.Dr. Fukushima is described by many as “The nation’s top influence” of neurosurgery microscopic surgery. He is a visiting professor at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, Honorary Professor of the University of Marseille, France, University of Rome, Italy.


Annual Parkinson’s Forum: Let’s Get a Move On

April is Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month. Each year, 50 to 60 thousand new cases are diagnosed in the United States. Researchers are working toward finding a cure and making progress on the best treatment options. In April 2018 UAMS will host its annual forum to discuss Parkinson’s disease. This event is  open to Neurosurgeons, Neurologists, Patients with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s, Patient Caregivers and Family members, and anyone else interested in learning about Parkinson’s Disease, treatment options, research initiatives, and living with Parkinson’s Disease. This event was live-streamed to Washington Regional Medical Center.

We have attached links to videos from past meetings below.

“Welcome” Dr. Erika Petersen and “The Challenge of Parkinson’s Disease” Dr. Steve Metzer

“Cognition in Parkinson’s Disease” Dr. Jennifer Kleiner Fausett

“The Effects of Exercise on Parkinson’s Disease” Dr. Alan Diamond

“Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson’s Disease” Dr. Erika Petersen

“God, Golf, and Parkinson’s: A Patient’s Perspective” Ms. Barbara Hogg

“Parkinson’s Research: Towards Causes and Cures” Dr. Tuhin Virmani

Upcoming 2018 Courses Offered by the UAMS Department of Neurosurgery 

  • Advanced Skull Base Surgical Training Course: TBD
    This two and one half day course is specifically designed for neurosurgical residents in their final two years of training who desire to enhance their skills in microneurosurgery of cranial base lesions. This course will emphasize hands-on laboratory training with a one-to-one specimen-to-participant ratio to maximize the experience. The curriculum will cover the spectrum of anterior, central, middle, and posterior skull base approaches and techniques.
  • Advanced Considerations of Complex Brain Tumor Resection: A White Matter and Complex Approach Dissection Course
    This two and one half day course is designed for practicing neurosurgeons. This course will emphasize hands-on-laboratory training with a one-to-one specimen-to-participant ratio to maximize the experience. The Program Highlights will include Klinger method brain white matter dissection, virtual reality dissection, and rehearsal of complex approaches through cadaver dissection.

Further information on all of these courses can be obtained by contacting Amy Keeland at keelandamye@uams.edu.