June 4, 2018

69th Southern Neurosurgical Society Presentations

UAMS neurosurgery residents and the department’s advanced practice registered nurse attended the 69th Annual Southern Neurosurgical Society meeting to present their research.

Dr. Palmer discussed a novel surgical method for the treatment of chronic subdural hematomas in infants.  In this surgical technique, patients have an internal tube placed underneath the scalp rather than a standard external tube.  There are less complications with the novel internal drainage system in the cohort of patients Dr. Palmer studied.

Dr. Wilson analyzed characteristics and outcomes of winners from the Neurosurgery Research and Education Foundation research fellowship.  Interestingly, there were regional differences such as the  Southeast region had the lowest number of awardees but the highest percentage of winners to later obtain NIH funding.

Dr. Hundley’s research reviewed operative nuances of the middle fossa approach for resection of cerebello pontine angle skull base tumors.

APRN Green presented an unusual case of a patient with an extremely rare congenital abnormality which led to a cerebral abscess.  Congenital heart defects can predispose to this condition but this patient was not diagnosed until adulthood while on the inpatient neurosurgery service by APRN Green. The patient went on to need both neurosurgical and cardiac interventions.