February 27, 2019

UAMS is the first hospital in the state to offer treatment for Refractory Epilepsy

“UAMS is the first hospital in Arkansas to offer the most advanced treatment for adults with Refractory Epilepsy that can’t be controlled by medicine. The patient had been having seizures most of his life. At this point, his seizures were affecting his life, mood, memory and overall well-being.  Dr. Palys explains: “Every time you have a seizure, that part of the brain ages faster. You lose nerve cells.”

Dr. Palys is a neurosurgeon at UAMS – he implanted a device called a responsive neuro stimulator or RNS. This is the first surgery of its kind in Arkansas. The device works like a pace maker for the brain, monitoring the brain’s electrical activity. When the device detects the start of a seizure, it intervenes by sending electrical pulses to the brain to stop it.”

Watch the KATV video about this story on their website.