April 8, 2019

Patient finds relief after suffering from spine deformity

During the past year, Denise Frerichs found it difficult to move due to the immense pain caused by a spine deformity and immense pain.   She came to UAMS to see Dr. Noojan Kazemi, neurosurgeon who specializes in complex spine surgery.    Denise was first treated with medication and physical therapy, but ultimately it was decided surgery was the next step.

Scoliosis is a condition that affects the alignment of the spine and it can exist from childhood all the way to adult years. In the adult typically it tends to be degenerative, so it may be a progression of a spinal deformity,” Dr. Kazemi explained. “In Denise’s case, she developed symptoms not just from progression of the deformity, but also pinching of the nerves in her spine, too.”

After a few months, she is feeling much better and is able to move around.

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