Topics and Agenda

On November 7, 2020, UAMS will host the Second Annual Epilepsy Symposium to discuss the latest advances in the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy and seizure disorders.  This event is open to patients with a diagnosis of epilepsy and seizure disorders, patient caregivers and family members, and healthcare professionals interested in epilepsy treatment.

Topics include:

  • Pediatric Neurosurgical Update: New technologies used in preoperative evaluation (MEG and TMS) – Dr. Gregory Albert
  • Adult Neurosurgical Update: Modalities used in pre-surgical work up and frustrations patients encounter during pre-surgical work up – Dr. Viktoras Palys 
  • Pediatric Neurology Update – Dr. Fred Perkins and Dr. Kapil Arya
  • Adult Neurology Update: Epilepsy in Women – Dr. Sisira Yadala 
  • Cognitive Rehabilitation – Dr. Chrystal T. Fullen, Psy.D
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