Our Team

Analiz Rodriguez


Analiz Rodriguez, MD, PhD
Director of Neuro Oncology
Principal Investigator



Annick De Loose


Annick De Loose, MS
Research Associate



Emilie Darringues


Emilie Darrigues, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow



Portrait Placeholder



Grace Guzman
Research Technician




Current Medical Student Researchers:
Kevin Thomas
Hayden Scott
Joey Dean
Muhammad Abu-Rmaileh
Rebekah Langston

Past Members:

Lab Staff

Madison Lee



Madison Lee
Research Technician


Research Students Summer 2019

Fernando Lopez
Project: Nanoparticle Tumor Penetration Using Patient Derived Brain Metastatic Lung Organoids

Grace Guzman
Project: Epigenetic Pathways of radiation-induced brain injury in a pediatric murine model

Andrea Riera
Project:  Organoid modeling to determine radio resistance pathways in lung brain metastases

Jeffrey Henson
Medical student sponsored by Neurosurgery Research and Education Foundation Grant
Project: Epigenetic Regulation of MGAT3 in Glioblastoma


Research Students Summer 2018:  Brain Tumor Translational Lab

Christa Corley
Project:  Generation of Mgat3 Deletion in LN18 Glioblastoma Cell Line via CRISPR/CAS9

Winter Allen
Project: Photobiomodulation of Neuronal Mitochondria for Radiation Induced Cognitive Dysfunction

Elijah Lockhart
Project: The Role of Hypoxia and Tumor Associated Macrophages in Glioma Cell Invasion

Kevin Thomas
Project: Nanoparticle Enhanced Laser Thermal Ablation for Glioblastoma